My know-how

JuhaI have a deep understanding of the essential constructs of various business activities. My speciality is solid experience of several business functions such as information technology, sales, logistics as well as extensive collaboration with finance and personnel management. As a consultant I draw from all of these.

My strengths

System intelligence is the capability to identify the most vital aspects of any business activity. This capability has solidified long term client relations. My function is to assist the business professionals working in a client company to find solutions to the challenges they face in their work.

System intelligence is a very useful property when working on a project. Combined with a strong understanding of information technology I can let my clients focus on the business processes essential to them.

My sensitivity to human relations and understanding of personal motivations helps working with different interest groups and in process change management.

”System intelligence combines human sensitivity with engineer like thinking that grasps the world in order to change it.” – Esa Saarinen

My goals

I want to provide people with clear and intuitive tools that help them to achieve their full potential in their field. I strive to help people to reach the own goals easier and better. I wish to learn to understand new things and expand my experience. Thus, I can better help others to overcome their challenges.

“No one is useless in this world who lightens the burdens of another.” – Charles Dickens

My services

The most typical service I provide is participation in projects to support the communications between business professionals and information technology providers. A clear perception of effective relationships helps to identify and link together relevant components when either integrating systems or replacing a system with another.

In addition, I create task specific tools – such as reporting – to further utilize the information available in a system. These tools can also cover functions that are out of scope of a provided system. The tools include, but are not limited to, macro enhanced worksheets or an automated process integrating two separate systems.

I often also mentor my clients as they search for best procedural methods or attempt to solve isolated issues. I help them to identify the relevant factors and to find a working solution model.

“If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.” – Albert Einstein

My company

Noro Consulting Oy (NCO) is an entrepreneurial one-man company founded 1991 and based in the capital area of Finland providing information technology related consultancy. NCO is strictly an independent consultancy service with no affiliations with any software or hardware vendors.

My clients

A typical client is the Finnish subsidiary of a multinational corporation. Their lines of business include manufacture and marketing of medical products, accounting and consultancy as well as heavy industry. My service profile varies depending of the needs of the client.

Contact me and we can figure out how can best help you to achieve your goals.