The Little Code That Could

Here are some pieces of code that I use all the time in my customer projects. I share them in the hope that someone else may find them useful as well. As a self-taught Basic programmer I find inspiration and even major portions of code in other websites.

All of the code presented here has been either originally written by me or heavily tweaked and rewritten so much that I no longer even remember where the base code originally came from. That is also the reason why I am not setting any claims or restrictions for the use of this code nor do I expect you to credit me if you spread it around. Should you feel that I am not crediting an original author of a specific piece of code then please comment on that and I shall remedy the situation should it indeed be so.

This site will not be a programming tutorial. Not every line of code is explained. If you find something to be unclear then please comment. All suggestions and enhancements are very much appreciated. Please feel free to contribute.

DISCLAIMER: These snippets are shared with no support or liability. If you are not willing to accept full responsibility for whatever happens when implementing these routines then do not use them.

Excel – the corporate Swiss Army knife

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