The company and the man

I am a business consultant who can speak “nerd”. My core know-how is understanding the needs of the business and being able to relate those to the vendors providing the information technology systems. I have decades of experience from several business areas and successful entrepeneurial activities.

Noro Consulting Oy (NCO) is a one-man consulting company established in 1991. The company is based in the capital area of Finland. NCO provides only consulting services and is therefore totally independent of any hardware or software vendors.

Juha Noro is a positively thinking and humoristic realist with a touch of perfectionism. Professional pride and solid know-how combined with an open mind and extensive experience give confidence to handle all assignments reliably.

The approach to handling any task is analytical and practical. I support my clients comprehensively from resolving simple technical issues all the way to change management in corporate-wide projects. Ability to see the big picture and knowledge of human behaviour give a broad perspective. This builds mutual confidence and leads to long-term client relationships.

My clients25y gain access to the full body of knowledge gathered during a long career. In addition to IT knowledge I have first-hand expertise in logistics, purhasing and sales. This is why issues are viewed primarily from a business perspective instead of a purely technical aspect.

My clients utilize my expertise on a wide scale. Here are just a few examples of tasks and roles from over the years:

  • project manager for Finland in multinational projects
  • supporting implementation of corporate-wide systems on local level
  • creating automated data transfer methods between various systems
  • creating routines to extract data from legacy systems for analysis on spreadsheets
  • creating templates and even multiuser applications utilizing Microsoft Excel
  • building software distribution automation utilities
  • providing second level IT support (for other IT professionals)
  • providing the services of a part-time IT manager for small companies