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Privacy Policy

Who we are

I am Juha Noro – entrepeneur from Espoo, Finland. (Contact)

What personal information we collect and why

Your login information

Login is required only if you wish to leave a comment. You can login by authenticating via any of the social media services provided. This site creates/updates a profile for you with the name, email address, and the profile image you have used on the social media platform you selected.


When users leave a comment, we collect the information in the comment form, as well as the user’s IP address and browser version information to help identify spam comments.

An anonymised hash is created from an email address that can be sent to Gravatar to know if the commentator is a user of the service. You can find the Gravatar Privacy Statement at

Contact Forms

When you send a message using the contact form, we collect all the information you provide. However, none of the information is used for marketing, and never disclosed to any third party apart from the automated spam protection service.


In order for this site to work as well as possible, it will occasionally store small data files called cookies on your device. This is common practice for most websites.


Cookies are small text files that a website stores on your computer or mobile device when you visit a website. Cookies store information about your device usage and usage, including your username, the language you choose, the font size, and the different display settings. The information that is stored in this way is only required once and not always when you visit the site or browse pages.


This site uses cookies only for logging in and monitoring activity of the user.

Accepting these cookies is not strictly necessary for the operation of the site, but they make browsing easier. You can delete or reject cookies, but some features of the site may not work as intended.

Cookies are not used to identify you as a person, and information about the use of the site is limited to the webmaster. Cookies are only used for the purposes described above.


You can manage and / or delete cookies freely. You can find instructions at You can delete all cookies on your computer, and most browsers can set them all off. Keep in mind, however, that if you disable cookies, you will have to reset certain settings each time you return to the site. It may also be that you may not be able to access some of the services and features on the site.


If you leave a comment on the site, you can choose to save the name, email address, and url address to the cookie. This feature adds convenience, because the form doesn’t have to be filled in every time you add a comment. The cookie information will be removed from the browser after one year.

If you sign up for the site, we will set up a temporary cookie that determines whether or not your browser supports cookies. This cookie does not contain any personal information and will be deleted when the browser window is closed.

When you log in, we set up a number of cookies that will save your login and display settings. The login cookies will be removed within two days, the cookies associated with the display settings will be deleted within a year. If you choose “Remember Me” during login, your login information will be stored for two weeks. If you sign out, the login cookies will be deleted at the same time.

Content embedded from other sites

Articles on this site may contain embedded content (such as videos, images, articles, etc.). Opening embedded content is comparable to the fact that the visitor actually visits a third-party site.

These sites may collect information from you, use cookies to embed third-party tracking cookies and monitor interaction with embedded content, including the monitoring of interaction if and when you are signed in as a user of that site.


Anonymous usage information is collected for statistical purposes.

How long we keep the information

If you leave a comment, the comment and its metadata will be retained for the time being. This is because we can automatically recognize and accept the following comments instead of keeping them in the moderation queue.

We will store the information about the user profiles of the registered users. Webmasters can view and edit user profile information.

What rights do you have to your information

If you have a user profile on this site or have submitted comments, you can request a compilation file of your personal information, including any personal information you have provided to us. You can also request removal of your personal information by sending us a message using the contact form. The right to delete your personal data does not apply to any personal data that we have to keep for maintenance, legal, or security reasons.

Where we send your information

Visitor comments are reviewed through an automated spam protection service. Otherwise, no information you provide will ever be disclosed to third parties.

Terms of service

By continuing to use this site, you agree to the above-mentioned data storage. As a visitor, you have the right to comment on articles where commenting is allowed. The comments you post on the site may be removed at any time for any reason without notice of the removal or the reasons for it. The webmaster is not responsible for the content of the comments posted by the visitors and does not represent the views or views of the site owner.